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Peppermint Power!!!

Unknown-1Peppermint is the most commonly used Essential Oil because of it’s availability, low cost, and immediate  results and effectiveness.  When I think of peppermint I think about a commercial that totally inspires me every time I see it.  It’s about a Yoke Peppermint Patty: A beautiful women’s lips take a small bit of the peppermint patty and pow!!!  Her pupils shrink down to pin points, her hair whips around back from her face, and she gets goosebumps on her skin.  I love that commercial because it demonstrates peppermint so well.  The fresh burst of peppermint is unmatched by any scent or flavor in our natural world.  There is really nothing like it!

images-1(funny version)

Peppermint EO (essential oil) as a flavor is wonderful to play with.  Making your own peppermint chocolates with unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey or agave, and peppermint and putting them in molds in the refrigerator is a cooling delicious treat once they set-up!  And very healthy!!  Peppermint in your purified water is a cooling agent in the summer heat.  Giving it to children who are playing summer sports will keep their body system cool and working effectively.  If you or your child feels nausea, like they need to throw-up, peppermint on the back of the neck can sooth and take the feeling away.  It is refreshing even if you do get sick and don’t make it in time.  Applying it after feels soothing and help with the cramping.


Other ways to use peppermint include: Headaches, congestion, indigestion cramps, circulation, cooling fevers, taking away nausea, taking away a hangover and makes you sober, freshening breath, helping with energy, focus, concentration, and memory!  It also repels ants, roaches, lice, fleas, and mice!
peppermint oil

For an energizing boost put a drop of peppermint in your hands, rub your hands together, then cup them over your nose and mouth…avoiding your eyes… and take 8 to 10 deep inhaling breaths slow and deliberate.  Your eyes may water, but in a purifying refreshing way.  Inhaling peppermint this way will also help with headaches, congestion, hangovers, and nausea.  And here is a link to a YouTube video about how to inhale peppermint for weight loss.

Peppermint applied to the back of the neck will cool your body temperature immediately.


This is a good idea to keep in your cooler on picnics, sporting events, on outdoor job sites, and if you don’t have AC!!  Applying the oil to the back of your neck also helps with neck pain at the computer, and concentration and focus.  It keeps your mind awake and refreshed.

Peppermint applied directly to the skin can give circulation for sore muscles from working out or over work a muscle. Please note that delicate tissues like eyeballs, lips, nostrils, and stomach should be avoided or the oil diluted with another oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or vegetable oil.  Essential oils are never to be applied inside the ears although around the ears and on the temporal bones works very well!

Ingesting peppermint is great for acid reflux, bad breath, and gassy bloated stomach. Please read the label of the essential oil before ingesting.  Many store bought oils say: For External Use Only.  Do not put these in your mouth.

One drop of Peppermint Essential Oil is equivalent to 26 cups of peppermint tea!!!

I’d love to hear your experiences with peppermint essential oils, please tell me about your favorite uses of this treasure in the comments below.


Young Living Essential Oils Consultant and Distributor, Certified Massage Therapist with Austin Health and Wellness Clinic providing the Raindrop Technique.

Color and a Fruit

Orange…what else is it?
I’m glad you asked because some of the components of the orange are quite intense.  I’m going to narrow the subject down to just the benefits of the cold pressed essential oils of the orange peel!  Yes, just the EO of the peel.

images-2 Orange Essential Oil is anti-tumoral, relaxant, anticoagulant, circulatory stimulant, diarrhetic, aphrodisiac, tonic, sedative, carminative, antiseptic, and cholagogue.

Orange is a scent and a yummy flavor:
The brilliant scent of Orange makes things “feel” clean and fresh.  Whether or not they are clean and fresh it “feels” this way.  I’m pointing your attention to the “feeling” part of this this oil, because studies have shown that it also reduces depression and elevates mood.  Diffusing Orange EO into the air pulls down dust particles floating in the air and raises negative ion which are found in nature near bodies of water.  Negative ions are grounding and off set the positive ions we get from cell phones, computers, vacuum cleaners, and radiation.  Now that you know it’s scent is helpful for your mood it may also be nice to know that it is antiseptic, too!  When using it to clean it not only feels clean…it is clean!  And if you are into cleaning “green” start with orange!  Orange EO is also affective in cleaning cuts and abrasions of the skin inhibiting microbial growth, fungal infections, and tetanus germs.

As a flavor orange oil can be used in chocolate, biscuits, confections, and drinks!  A drop of orange oil in your purified water is delicious with tons of benefits (do not ingest EO that have a warning label: for external use only!!). I enjoy a drop in my hot cocoa and when I’m making stir fry.  Note that EO are very concentrated and too much in cooking can over power a dish very easily.  When adding orange oil to a fresh salad I’d rub the oil on the sides of the salad bowl before tossing instead of adding it to the dressing.  Also, a spray bottle with purified water, honey or agave and orange oil to spritz your salad is very nice… and may put the kids in a better “mood” to eat salad (wink).

FYI: I’d also like to add a note here that EO (essential oils) can break down paint, glues, and plastics.  Which is useful to know, however a plastic water bottle with a drop of EO can breakdown the bottle into the water you are drinking…not good!  It’s best to use a glass water bottle or cup.  Also be aware of the oils on your hands before they are completely absorbed as touching your phone screen, or TV remote with wet oils could leave a permanent finger print.  They also gently remove finger nail polish over time!

Power of Orange: Limonene
The most amazing property of the Orange EO is that it contains a large amount of Limonene which extensive studies have shown combat tumor growth.  Orange oil has been used to combat cancer and there are websites showing the type of regimen of Orange EO to use.  The amount of Orange EO used when working with this type of healing is about 15ml (one bottle) in specific doses each day.  I point this out not as a recipe for how to use the oil but to compare the price of a bottle of Orange oil from Young Living at $10.75 to that of surgery or chemical therapies.   The price can’t be beat!



Orange as a Natural healer:
As a Diuretic and Carminative Orange EO rids your body of excess gas, and toxins.  It promotes urination, and contributes towards losing fats which makes it good for the heart and weight loss as well.  As you can see this is also great in relieving stomach pain by relaxing muscles and allowing gases to escape.

VIDEO (Orange EO link)

As a Cholagogue Orange EO aids the endocrine systems.  The glands of the body are small organs that with stress get over worked.  Thyroid, adrenals, Lymph nodes, testicles, ovaries, liver, and pancreas are organs that benefit from orange oil to name a few.  Frequent use of Orange EO promotes menstruation, lactation, digestive juices, bile, hormones, fluid around joints and enzymes.
Orange oils is also an aphrodisiac helping with erectile disfunction, libido, and impotence.

Another thing to note about Orange oil is that is causes photo-sensitivity.  Therefore avoid applying it to your skin within 24 hours of excess sunlight or UV light such as going to the beach or tanning bed.

So to finish answering the question “what else is Orange?”  It’s a best friend!


Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments!  I’d love to hear your feedback.
Blessings, Hannah

A few year ago while going through a very stressful time in my life I discovered my fetish for Lavender.  At the time I only knew that it was an beautiful herb and was used for relaxation, was found in alot of baby products, and smelled nice.  That’s all.  I liked the smell.  I didn’t think about why I liked it, I didn’t know why I wanted it all over my house all the time, but that’s how it was.  Years later I’m studying Essential oils and their therapeutic and medicinal uses and I am finding a new level of pure love!



As I’ve studied it deeper I’ve found that Lavender is great for stress.  Lavender has an energetic frequency of 118mhz!  So when you are feeling down, overwhelmed, or paralyzed in fear or confusion a drop of Lavender can do more than a best friend.  Just the vibrational energy of this oil can give clarity, calmness, and focus!  Wow, after I found that  I was shock that that was just the tip of the iceberg!

I’d like to qualify all the benefits of Lavender by first saying that I’m referring to Young Living Therapeutic grade quality oils.  Why?  Because synthetically derived Lavender (like in baby lotions) can cause more damage then benefits when applied the ways that I’m going to brag about Lavender extracted from the Lavender plant!  If you are curious as to the difference click here.  (Synthetic nutrients)

Having said that let me continue my rave!

Lavender is intelligent.  While Lavender calms us down, if you are sleepy Lavender can naturally and gently perk you up, too.  It is not as much a calmer as a Balancer!  So, next time you are keyed-up or exhausted try a couple drops of pure lavender on your feet and then take a deep breath with your hands cupped over your nose and mouth.  Also, rubbing it on your temples and forehead can help with a stress headache, and for an added boost take a very small amount of peppermint and layer it over the lavender!  You are going to be so refreshed.  Breathing in the peppermint is such a rush!


Lavender is the skin’s best friend.  All kinds of skin issues are resolved with Lavender.  I’d like to throw in here that Lavender doesn’t mask the skin issue, but addresses the concern.  What am I saying?  While a pharmaceutical cream will take the itch away, or cause relief let me explain how this works.  Over-the-counter treatments work by over-riding our bodies natural process of cleansing, and healing. Phamaceuticals send chemical information to our body to stop certain functions (itching, inflammation) regardless of why these reactions started.  It’s like putting duck tape over the gas gauge in our car when it reads empty.  Like covering the communication gauges and meters will make the problem go away.  YIKES!   However, Lavender and other natural ingredients work with the body to support it’s functions, by giving it strength and balance to heal itself…the way it was intended to.  Just like lavender is known to calm down the body for sleep it also calms the systems of the body.  The body tends to go into panic mode to fight a pathogen and lavender can calm the body by supporting it to cleans and heal.  So use Lavender on diaper rash, Eczema, stretch marks, skin ulcers, wrinkles, and cradle cap…to name a few!


Lavender is antiseptic!  Yes, with pure lavender you can sterilize bathroom counter, toilet seats, and even boo boos.  (Here is another example of how a synthetic lavender would actually be very harmful.)  Lavender can also help stop bleeding when applied to the wound or taken internally for things like excessive menstrual bleeding.  FYI lavender is not tasty and is weird to burp, but sometime it’s profoundly helpful when ingested (usually in a capsule).

I could go on and on about Lavender: dreaming, seasonal allergies, emotional trauma, epilepsy, and headaches all benefit from the application of Lavender!

Essential oils consultant and distributor
Sharing the LOVE,


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I’d like to qualify all the benefits essential oils and nutritional supplements by first saying that I’m referring to Young Living Therapeutic grade quality oils. Young Living Essential Oils



Let me explain why. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a purist about this stuff, but if misunderstood could cause more damage or pain.  While you absolutely can get many benefits from store bought and online nutritional supplement markets many of these are synthetically manufactured.  You might say, “So what, they are so much more accessible and cheaper.”

That may be true but let me explain why.   What does “synthetic” means.  Synthetic anything means that it is not naturally derived. It may not have ever been part of a plant or natural element at all.  It was arranged by chemical compounds in a lab where goggles, and booties were used.


An example of this is methyl salicylate (pain relief and muscle relaxant) naturally found in Wintergreen and Birch, but synthetically manufactured and used in aspirin.  Wintergreen and Birch are balanced and cannot over-ride the systems of your body, but aspirin can.  Yes, science has created completely pseudo elements to mimic nutrition without rain, seeds, sunshine, dirt, or plants!


Because these chemical compounds are whipped up in a lab they can sometimes make the smell of certain elements even more pungent, and sweeter, but the main purpose to produce a synthetic product is to insure that it is the same everyday and in every factory…all the time!  It’s called, “pharmacological purity.”  Every batch is exactly the same as the last and the next.

Nature is unaware of how McDonald’s needs a hamburger that tastes the same in New York as it does in San Antonio.  Nature never has the same conditions (soil, rain, climate, or minerals) from year to year even in the same location.  Nature’s verity of these elements make them hard to market, but makes me perfect for infections and fighting pathogens.  For the past few years their has been a scare that our antibiotics won’t work on the intelligent evolving bacterias were are fighting.  So the consistency of synthetic compounds is it’s weakness.  The ever changing elements of the oils extracted from organic plants will be agelessly beneficial.


One reason why essential oils and synthetic nutrients are cheaper is that companies cut cost and save money by mixing these synthetic compounds with carrier elements that are more chemicals and harmful in large amounts.

Another question you might have is why these quality oils aren’t sold in stores.  All food and products sold in stores must be approved through food and drug guidelines. Companies like Young Living realize that some of the guidelines to get these approvals would compromise the products therapeutic qualities.  Processes like pasteurizing and homogenizing natural elements causes them to lose their medicinal qualities.  Also having the approval of the patented word “Organic” carries a whole list of how a nutrients must be treated and sold, just like having the approval of food administrations and stores would require the compromising of the pure product…to be “safe” or “organic”.  Let me clarify with an example: Raw milk is a healing whole food, but after pasteurization which makes it available to the public it can cause some allergies, and sinus congestion.  The Whole Raw milk CAN’T be sold because of bacteria…good and bad, but by destroying some of these elements it becomes a subtle mucus making contestant instead of a super food.  All that to say, FDA approval and “Organic” certification are “safety” precautions that unintentionally remove the therapeutic qualities of food products. 


Honestly, you have nothing to worry about  if you are using these synthetic compounds (essential oils bought from stores) as a candle or air deodorizer because if you live in a city with smog, drink tap water, alcohol, smoke, and sip soda pop you are getting way more toxic chemicals from just these. LOL  But here is the game changer, when you start applying this oils to your skin (the largest organ of the body) you are introducing a whole new set of variables and toxins.  My main reason for this post is to be sure you are not harming yourself further with some nutritional knock-off.  When I talk about the benefits of essential oils I am NOT referring to these!!  Why?


For example, lavender from the plant is great for burns (kitchen, sun, and chemical).  BUT synthetic lavender and the carrier oils in it can cause further skin pain and damage when referring to burns.  And while wintergreen and birch can be used for headaches, muscle tension, and blood pressure, some people are allergic to the synthetic form of these properties in aspirin.

Writing a post like this is not very fun, however this information is very important and is intended to keep you from misusing oils or misunderstanding the power of them.

Sharing the LOVE,


The Squeeze

It’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude and thoughts when life is uncomfortable.  I’ve found that it is powerful for me to give gratitude for what is happening.  Yes, exactly what is happening: pain, desperation, hate, etc.  Here is why:  in some way if I’m willing to honor myself and let go of negative life patterns and feelings I know the discomfort is squeezing me to greater enlightenment and enjoyment!  So in the dark times I know that my willingness to be grateful and to move in the direction I’m guided to take.  The squeezing creates action.  Now, most of us are inclined to run in horror from discomfort, but hopefully through gratitude and divinely guided action you will find unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace, and the greatest of intangible treasures!  Don’t be afraid of tragedy.  This might sound heartless, but most of us over dramatize our own suffering making it impossible to deal with.  Instead, give yourself space and time to grieve all the while being grateful for it’s work in your life.  Be grateful for these motivational squeezes, we need both enjoyment and the squeeze to keep us going and growing!!

Gratefully, Hannah


What is Raindrop Therapy?

My business partner and I recently discovered Raindrop therapy through our own health journey and have become absolutely overwhelmed and excited about the results!  So excited, in fact, that we are starting a raindrop therapy clinic here in Austin, Texas!  Seven days a week from 10am to 8pm, by appointment!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!  Why?  Well let me tell you….

ImageThe Raindrop is a pretty name, but the results are pretty astounding!  The Raindrop is a combination of three modalities: Vitaflex technique by Stanley Boroughs, an ancient indian ritual for freeing your spirit, and aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils.

This is not just a spa day massage, although it feels amazing and is great for sore muscles, it is much more.  I’ve been working with Myo-fasial release for several years now and through it was introduced to the mind/body connection.  The mind/body connection is a holistic approach that implies that your body manifests what your mind and emotions are storing as information.  And your mind stores this information in your bodies tissues and organs.  There are so many books about this subject that I won’t go into detail here about it, only that disease in the body is first “dis-ease” in the mind and emotional state.  I brought all this up to say that the Raindrop therapy includes aromatherapy which is a “brain therapy” it’s not just a smelling good thing.

ImageA series of treatments can remove all painful symptoms not only from back problems, but cancer, infections, and toxic emotions and traumas.   I personally get one when I feel flu or illness symptoms.  I’ve had clients who have taken their full dosage of antibiotics for an illness only to get the illness again a couple days later, call me and get a Raindrop and feel even better than before.

ImageI’ve use Raindrop like psychotherapy on myself and found breakthrough after breakthrough.  Something about clearing the toxins from your bodies tissues, and nourishing lethargic cells and organs causes emotional and mental breakthrough!  I love this stuff!

The Raindrop uses a series of seven single oils like basil, oregano, and peppermint, and two oil blends, first on the feet along the reflexology points for the spine, then directly on the spine.  It has been said that the spine contains the life force of the body, and it does hold every nerve that transmits information to EVERY organ in your body…including your heart!!  It is a superhighway of information for your body.  A great reason to take good care of your spine and why these therapeutic grade, electromagnetic essential oils are applied to the spine.  These oils in combination with Vita-flex a therapy that uses piezoelectricity (pressure induced electricity) to support sluggish or exhausted body systems is a holistic, natural, and powerful gift.  The ancient Indian ritual used in the Raindrop is implemented in the way the oils are applied to the spine.  It’s called feathering. (LOL, bet you could have guessed:  feathers and Indians! Please don’t be offended my Native American friends I mean you no harm.)  The feathering technique is done with the backs of the hands using the fingernails to create a nice sensation along the spine.

ImageIn the hands of gifted therapists a Raindrop can help you through some of life’s biggest struggles elegantly, like divorce, or even death of a loved one.  There is no limit to how this therapy can support your health journey.

The information here is only for educational purpose and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

I’d like to start by saying that this blog is really intense, but this wisdom changed my life!!!  I ran across a book by Caroline Myss, she is a health researcher, and I was deeply touched by her research.  Her work has inspired this blog.  So lets begin:

The word integrity gets used in business names and on resumes to usually define honesty, but integrity is so much more than being honest.  Integrity is the idea that something is whole and complete, yes, honest, but more than that, holyNow, I know holy is a church/bible word, but for the sake of this blog I want to use it in reference to holistic, or powerful integrity.  I want to expand your everyday use of these words from just the idea of honesty, and a word you see on the front of a bible to include the essence of these words:

Holy: without need, whole, mature, complete and contented within itself.  The need of nothing external to satisfy.  (I love this word!!!  I love that the bible encourages us to be holy!)

Integrity: without compromise or weakness.  The idea of integrity is a wheel with spokes.  The only way a wheel has integrity is if all the spokes are present, and without compromise or weakness.   As this wheel moves forward each point of strain is met with more than enough power to remain true and peaceful (undisturbed).

The question I want to meditate on in reference to these words is “Can we heal ourselves?”  Yes, but I want you to think of the benefits of not healing first.   This could be a touchy subject for some, but for example, would anyone give you the time of day if you didn’t moan over your latest pain, and discomfort…what would we talk about if we were all healthy, integrated, and holy? Image If you listen to coffee conversation between good friends you will hear swear words, discontented worries, and joking about the grand troubles we find ourselves in. If the conversation is on the positive, hopeful side we are discussing how to overcome our woes.  I only wish to point out that sometimes we subconsciously do not wish to be holy, integrated, or well.  I want you to realize you are responsible!!

We live from the idea that the external force of life is so powerful that we live reacting and writhing in fear on a daily basis. 

We are afraid of life!!  We feel victimized by daily pains and miseries.
Image Overcome!  Overwhelmed!  Helpless!

Think about how our actions are defensive instead of offensive: We diet for love and admiration, we make money because we don’t want to starve and be homeless, we have to do a number of things we wouldn’t normally do to keep friends and family liking us and peaceful.

The sad part is that we have no idea how powerful our inner force is.


It’s like we don’t know that “greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world”, because from day one we’ve been negotiating our spirit off in exchange for security, safety, validation, affection, acknowledgement, etc.  Compromising our spirits and souls in exchange for what is valued by the external world raping our soul and spirit.

It was not uncommon in the 80’s to hear about a music artist who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune, but this has been going on to some degree through the ages in all of us.


Realizing you are the only one who can give away pieces of yourself (taking responsibility), pieces of  your spirit and soul to anybody who will take care of you. Take full responsibility for attaching your soul to vanities of life that comfort you or make you feel safe.  Acknowledging that your spirit is more powerful than any external force of nature or life, that you do not need to sell out, but to listen!!!  LIsten to your spirit!  This is the meaning of being CENTERED.  This is true integrity!


Say with me: I cannot listen to the Values of the external world that are compromising my health, essence, and spirit any longer. I must dismiss and forgive the lies that have ravaged and captured my full potential.  I’ve got to listen to what is going on in my inner world, my Spirit – For this is INTERGITY and impacts my biology and even my DNA.  I must be true to my Spirit!  I must stay integrated and centered!

I have so much more I want to say about this, but for now I bid you blessings!!