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For a little background:  I grew up in the mid-west where the phrase “corn fed” is a term of endearment when spoken about your daughters to a total stranger while patting the said daughters on the head.  When I went to college as a young adult I thought a smoothie was from Baskin Robins and included some fruit…maybe.  I thought pineapple came from a can and was in a nasty juice, and that guacamole was a green sauce only my dad would order at Taco Bell (I had no idea it was made from a fruit called an Avocado).  Furthermore I thought that popping a few vitamin C or B’s was a sure sign I was a complete health freak.

I’ve been on a journey…
I’ve done cleanses, eat’n all raw for months on end, competed in Triathlons (had to throw that in there), fasted for 40day and 40nights with nothing but liquids to sustain me, and I’ve learned so much.  Guess what?  There is still so much to learn!!  One thing that I’ve concluded is that it’s not just the foods you eat, the workouts you do, or the supplements you take.  It’s so much more than that!!

Holistic:  is the idea that natural systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as a collection of parts.

In other words I’m crazy about the words we say, the thoughts we tell ourselves, the sleep we get…or not, the entertainment we enjoy and what it does to our bodies and health, the traumas we’ve stuffed away in our bodies, the misunderstandings we had a children, addictions and sabotaging behaviors, and, of course, the foods we eat and the supplements we take.

Comments on: "Crazy about Holistic Healing" (3)

  1. You did a 40 day fast? Tell me about it. I’ve been contemplating it for a little while and I want to do it. I know I need to prepare for it.

    • I would discourage anyone from a 40day fast. Unless you are clearly called by God and given supernatural strength to carry it out, it can be a demonstration of self will and stubborn resistance to God’s plans. If your intention is health it is not a good idea, if you intention is staking a heavenly claim on someones lifestyle or uncomfortable circumstances in your life I discourage it greatly. 40day fasts are for people like Jesus and Moses (I use the word people loosely here.)
      If you want to fast for prayer my suggestion is to fast with water for three days, or start with a indefinite time and pray and fast until you get perfect peace that no matter what happens the Lord has his hands all over the situation.
      I realize this is spiritual advice and maybe not what you were looking for. I encourage you to search your motives and as it is no small undertaking it should have heavenly guidance on it from start to finish!! It does not make you more spiritual, it can wreck your health for years, and it is not to be taken lightly!!
      I repeat, don’t take this lightly.

  2. Shelly Brandt said:

    Oh I agree. Completely not eating is a bad idea. Some people fast with drinks or juices and others with salads and raw vegetables. I was wondering what kind of fast you did. I’m guessing you did a no food at all fast. I won’t be following that one. I’m researching fasting in the Bible and have found it to be a few different things. I do know that fasting itself does not make you spiritual but what you learn from it does help you to conform to His image. I don’t want to ever appear ‘spiritual’. That’s what a Pharisee is. I don’t mind appearing to have love, Joy, peace, gentleness, etc.
    I am looking at Daniel’s diet and my family is trying to convert our eating style over to a more biblical approach.

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