Truly healthy from top to bottom and inside out

Spiritual Health: Humility

My own encounter with true humility came after months and months of giving heart, soul, and mind in a complete effort to make a difference in some else’s life.  Sound like co-dependency?  Absolutely!  One day after feeling completely used up I sat down with my journal, some essential oils, and Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (manual).  As I followed the pain in my body to different alarm points (points on the body that are like acupressure points or trigger points) and looked up their emotional link, I was led to ego.

“Ego” is actually the name of one of the alarm points located just below the end of the sternum at the end of the zyphoid process just above the stomach area.  There is sort of a “hole” located there and I figured out that that is place that cramps when I’m frightened about a bad choice that was just made, or lost keys, or leaving my wallet or cell phone in a restaurant.  This is the ego point on the body.

Psychologically, ego is the protection tendency of the body.  Interestingly enough, ego is not a body part. If a surgeon was to cut you open he could not find an ego.  In fact, it was created by the words of Sigmund Freud (just to demonstrate how powerful the spoken word is, but that is another subject).  He made it up!!!  It’s such a common term that most of us assume everyone knows that they have one, like a nose or gallbladder. LOL!  We all agree that men in particular have one. 😉

Ego is that place that is frightened, it is the place that says “F- you!”, and believe it or not it is the place of white knuckle commitment!  Ok, so we say, we could use some resolve, some commitment to a certain healthy habit.  Like the gym!?!


Ok, so we all see a hulking strong man checking himself out in the mirror and we say, what?  “Wow, major ego problems!”  We are speaking about his commitment to staying strong, and getting stronger, and looking good.  How many things in my life have I committed to, or “white knuckled” into existence?  These things we accomplish through sheer will-power have the reward of accomplishment, accolades, and admiration.  But they are forceful!  They are based on pure human strength ALONE!  They essentially are temporal lasting only as long as your strength can maintain.  If left un-check can cause serious health issues and pain.

So back to humility!


Maybe we don’t really know what this is.  If you asked me a before I discovered it I would have said, “Well, it’s not bragging on yourself, it’s being teachable…maybe even comes off inferior, non-threatening, like a push over, it’s kind, and gentle.”  In fact, the more self-contious and verbally self-belittling someone was the more humble I assumed they were.

This was a gross misunderstanding to say the least!!  This is false humility, and is actually ego on self destruction mode!  You see the ego is the self protection agency.  In this case the idea being: if I destroy myself, then no one else can.  YIKES!!  That is not humility!

So, quite simply humility is the ability to see through a situation and acknowledge you have nothing to do with the equation. Humility does not and cannot exist apart from the reality of God!!!  Humility is depending on a source outside of ourselves.  Humility is open minded to possibilities outside human ability!

This does away with manipulation, the feeling of being sick and tired, or used up, this takes out your human illusion of self-power and co-dependency to change or fix people.  Humility lets go and believes God.  This turns “grit your teeth commitment” into the miraculous manifestation of true health and transformation.  Transformation is through no effort of our own to be “good enough”, to do the “right thing”, to be a pretty good person.  Transformation and salvation of our soul, minds, and bodies are gifts that we accept by acknowledgement.  Humility accepts that something is possible outside of what we have known and have experienced to be reality.   Humility believes!  Humility is a place of complete freedom and rest.

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