Truly healthy from top to bottom and inside out

The Myth of Holism

I’d like to clarify for myself and others that this blog is not a collection of anecdotes and recipes for reaching undisturbed health, joy, peace, or happiness, but a journal of sorts of love and growth in weakness, pain, and desperation…not in the absence of these.

Does this sound depressing?  Congratulations!  As myths pop like delicate iridescent bubbles that I “Ooo” and “Aw” at, I find that what I believed was that I’d one day reach a complete, whole, and even painless place at some point in my life as I make changes, stay teachable, make good choices, and eliminate problems.  To say this out loud causes me to say, “No duh! Of course not!  Life doesn’t work like that!”  Yet everyday I get up out of bed, set goals for the week, make New Year’s resolutions, say affirmations over myself and my future, go on diets or cleanses all out of the hope that pain will decrease and peace and happiness will increase.

The power of this blog is the magic understanding that peace, joy, and happiness can co-exist with the rest of my broken, painful, and weak life.  That I will never reach Utopia from which I will profoundly touch the world and change lives to be as blissful as my own, but that my weakness and pain are just as sweet a platform to testify and share from.

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