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Sweet Spot Living

There was a time when I did a substantial amount of running.  In fact, the year I turned thirty years old I bought a brand new pair of shoe at the beginning of my birthday month and decided to put 100 miles on them before the month was over.  I enjoyed the challenge, but one of the benefits that I didn’t expect from spending that much time on the road for hours on end was the emotional, mental, and spiritual muses I found.

For example, if I thought about breathing in through my nose and mouth I would get winded on hills or through rougher terrain, but if I thought about the oxygen enter through my chest/ heart region as a more powerful place to power out of I could execute greater obstacles with ease.  I would imagine running from my heart or love.

Another example was that I accidentally found one day that if I lifted my chest and used a falling forward motion to run that my legs would follow and I would move faster with the greatest ease!  So, every time I ran I would try and find this perfect angle for my body to run in.  When I found it, it would feel like I was being carried down the road, like there was this point in space where all effort ceased, where it was all fun, and I accomplished greater goals!

These things are still muses for me to this day.  Is it possible that there is also a way to move through life from the heart, or from a sweet spot?  Is there a personal rhythm, a vibration or an organ of the body that would give me more freedom in movement and enjoyment for the challenges of life?  I think we all hope to find a place like this.

I check my self-dialogue and listen for the words “should” or “shouldn’t” to see if I’m moving through life with ease or if I’m straining.  I’ve done many things with sheer grit, but my strength wore thin.  Let me explain: this may sound funny to you but I used to self-dialogue that I shouldn’t cry, I should be grateful.  I should stay strong!  I would say I shouldn’t sit down, or take a nap during the day because that is lazy.  I ran around with “should” and “shouldn’t” beating me like a slave.  Everything was an effort, and I found that very little resulted beneficially from it.  However, I’ve found that if I situate my schedule and living style to something that is more energizing for me as a uniquely created individual, regardless of whether or not it is appreciated by those around me or deemed as fun, or boring, I begin to move through life with ease and greater effectiveness!  For example, I love animate movies (Nemo, Peter Pan, Cinderella…I can’t wait to see Frozen that just came out), and I almost vomit with pain to watch movies with any kind of violence or cruelty.  Now, this eliminates some of my socializing, because most friends want to watch a true life story and not cartoons when they go to a movie.  I could despise this about myself and make myself get used to more violence (realizing it’s paid actors, not real people, etc.).  Or I could think of my self as too self-righteous because I can’t handle brutality.  I could make myself wrong either way.  So often I feel like my life rhythm is boring or not enough fun, but when I accept these things about myself and learn to lean into them and enjoy them I begin to thrive.

It’s been a joy to share these thoughts with you.  Thanks for reading.

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