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You Have a Sound, a Song!

I took piano lessons for several years growing up and I’ve always loved music.  Something that my sisters made fun of was that after practicing my mandatory music lesson for the day I would finish or decompress by playing a diddle I randomly played every single time I finished.  What was strange is that I never tried to play the diddle, yet it was exactly the same tune every single time. I was just letting my fingers go and sort of doing a piano “sigh of relief”.  My sister’s came to call this diddle my song.  They would say that that diddle was what I sounded like.  I understood what they meant but after reading this link about an African tribe that has a song for each person before birth did I think of it having any significance. This is so beautiful to me.  You must read it: (click here)The Baby’s Song


We all have a song, a sound, a rythmn and it is a treasure to get to discover what it is, as it is a treasure to discover other’s song.  Your song is your significant blessing to the world.  I want to sing your song, and I’m glad you have listened to mine!

Happy Journey!

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