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The Nature of Motion

A few years ago I went with my Besties to Myrtle Beach.  I had some massage training I was doing there and invited them to come enjoy the water with me.  I hadn’t been around the ocean very much and with movies like “Jaws” and hearing talk about undertow I was quite freaked out! For all I knew undertow was this thing that could just pull you under water if you got too far out in the ocean, and you’d just drown.  So I watched my friends play in the waves from the safe beach where it looked like they were WAY too far out.  I was so worried about them. The funny part is that I’m the certified life guard.  Becoming a life guard involves alot of swimming and rescue simulation, but also involves watching REAL scary REAL LIFE water accidents :0),  but I digress.

Finally, I braved out into the water with a boogie board and before long you couldn’t get me out of the water.  Me and my friends were in the endless rhythm of the ocean and just letting it take us away!!!  The motion of the waves is intimidating and elating!!  The waves coming at us were so large they towered over our heads by what looked like 10-15feet!  Each time a wave would come I would freak out.
Unknown-1  The water around my body would recede down to knee deep while the wave above looked like a giant.  The longer I was in the water I learned the rhythm…the low low, and the little tiny hop I would make to jump to the top of the wave and sail over it’s frothy crest!  At the top I was so high!  And at the bottom I was so low!  It was an ebb and flow that turned completely relaxing and energizing!

With each ebb the fear of the on-coming wave would grip me, every time.  But I was also excited once I learned that the tiniest hop at the perfect timing could pull me straight into the heavens on the top of a magnificently powerful wave.  I’m getting so excited just talking about it!!

So this blog is about rhythm in our lives and how perfect timing plays the leading roll!  Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted OUT NOW?  You wanted to run away with your hair on fire?   You were panicking with the needs, or lack you felt?  You were sure devastation was inevitable?  I like to call this the Moment of Squeeze.  It’s the low low place where the water is at your knees and the wave is 15foot over your head coming down.  I want to raise your gratitude for this place, this Moment of Squeeze.  I want to inspire you to see this Moment of Squeeze as the place to trust, to wait for perfect timing, to be grateful that change (positive change) is coming.

Realizing the Moment of Squeeze is a pressure and an energy that makes you want to move, lets explore this wonderful rhythm!!  Most of us want to stay comfortable and unalarmed at all times.  We hope for no rainy days, no pain, and no cares!  We move through our lives avoiding conflict and running to comfort.  Those who run to comfort every single time often find themselves at the bottom of an empty bottle of vodka, with credit card debt up to their ears, or any number of addictions.  Running from things is not always the best move.  We must stay grateful and trust this wave like motion in our lives and learn to respect and love it.
 This motion is a dance of trust.  Believing that this Moment of Squeeze not to crush you but to move you into a place for success!


The Flow sweeps us forward effortlessly and the Ebb pulls at us with challenges and necessity (the mother of invention).  This is the natural healthy pace and rhythm of life.  It is the most powerful long-term forward progress you can possibly make.  You see the Ebb is just as beneficial as the sweeping Flow!  We all want the Flow (a super natural break or promotion), but more commonly we get the Moment of Squeeze instead!  It is all FLOW once you discover perfect timing and….“wait for it”….hop into a new idea, a creative solution, or a new way of looking at a situation.  Much of this is learning to let go of habits and belief patterns that do not benefit us any longer to make room for the sweeping Flow.

The key in all this is gratitude.  This keeps your head from getting freaked out so that you can use your head for creative ideas and solutions.  Believe in perfect timing and… “wait for it”….


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  1. This is amazing,and thought provoking! Very helpful for me personally:-)

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