Truly healthy from top to bottom and inside out

I’d like to start by saying that this blog is really intense, but this wisdom changed my life!!!  I ran across a book by Caroline Myss, she is a health researcher, and I was deeply touched by her research.  Her work has inspired this blog.  So lets begin:

The word integrity gets used in business names and on resumes to usually define honesty, but integrity is so much more than being honest.  Integrity is the idea that something is whole and complete, yes, honest, but more than that, holyNow, I know holy is a church/bible word, but for the sake of this blog I want to use it in reference to holistic, or powerful integrity.  I want to expand your everyday use of these words from just the idea of honesty, and a word you see on the front of a bible to include the essence of these words:

Holy: without need, whole, mature, complete and contented within itself.  The need of nothing external to satisfy.  (I love this word!!!  I love that the bible encourages us to be holy!)

Integrity: without compromise or weakness.  The idea of integrity is a wheel with spokes.  The only way a wheel has integrity is if all the spokes are present, and without compromise or weakness.   As this wheel moves forward each point of strain is met with more than enough power to remain true and peaceful (undisturbed).

The question I want to meditate on in reference to these words is “Can we heal ourselves?”  Yes, but I want you to think of the benefits of not healing first.   This could be a touchy subject for some, but for example, would anyone give you the time of day if you didn’t moan over your latest pain, and discomfort…what would we talk about if we were all healthy, integrated, and holy? Image If you listen to coffee conversation between good friends you will hear swear words, discontented worries, and joking about the grand troubles we find ourselves in. If the conversation is on the positive, hopeful side we are discussing how to overcome our woes.  I only wish to point out that sometimes we subconsciously do not wish to be holy, integrated, or well.  I want you to realize you are responsible!!

We live from the idea that the external force of life is so powerful that we live reacting and writhing in fear on a daily basis. 

We are afraid of life!!  We feel victimized by daily pains and miseries.
Image Overcome!  Overwhelmed!  Helpless!

Think about how our actions are defensive instead of offensive: We diet for love and admiration, we make money because we don’t want to starve and be homeless, we have to do a number of things we wouldn’t normally do to keep friends and family liking us and peaceful.

The sad part is that we have no idea how powerful our inner force is.


It’s like we don’t know that “greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world”, because from day one we’ve been negotiating our spirit off in exchange for security, safety, validation, affection, acknowledgement, etc.  Compromising our spirits and souls in exchange for what is valued by the external world raping our soul and spirit.

It was not uncommon in the 80’s to hear about a music artist who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune, but this has been going on to some degree through the ages in all of us.


Realizing you are the only one who can give away pieces of yourself (taking responsibility), pieces of  your spirit and soul to anybody who will take care of you. Take full responsibility for attaching your soul to vanities of life that comfort you or make you feel safe.  Acknowledging that your spirit is more powerful than any external force of nature or life, that you do not need to sell out, but to listen!!!  LIsten to your spirit!  This is the meaning of being CENTERED.  This is true integrity!


Say with me: I cannot listen to the Values of the external world that are compromising my health, essence, and spirit any longer. I must dismiss and forgive the lies that have ravaged and captured my full potential.  I’ve got to listen to what is going on in my inner world, my Spirit – For this is INTERGITY and impacts my biology and even my DNA.  I must be true to my Spirit!  I must stay integrated and centered!

I have so much more I want to say about this, but for now I bid you blessings!!

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