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What is Raindrop Therapy?

My business partner and I recently discovered Raindrop therapy through our own health journey and have become absolutely overwhelmed and excited about the results!  So excited, in fact, that we are starting a raindrop therapy clinic here in Austin, Texas!  Seven days a week from 10am to 8pm, by appointment!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!  Why?  Well let me tell you….

ImageThe Raindrop is a pretty name, but the results are pretty astounding!  The Raindrop is a combination of three modalities: Vitaflex technique by Stanley Boroughs, an ancient indian ritual for freeing your spirit, and aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils.

This is not just a spa day massage, although it feels amazing and is great for sore muscles, it is much more.  I’ve been working with Myo-fasial release for several years now and through it was introduced to the mind/body connection.  The mind/body connection is a holistic approach that implies that your body manifests what your mind and emotions are storing as information.  And your mind stores this information in your bodies tissues and organs.  There are so many books about this subject that I won’t go into detail here about it, only that disease in the body is first “dis-ease” in the mind and emotional state.  I brought all this up to say that the Raindrop therapy includes aromatherapy which is a “brain therapy” it’s not just a smelling good thing.

ImageA series of treatments can remove all painful symptoms not only from back problems, but cancer, infections, and toxic emotions and traumas.   I personally get one when I feel flu or illness symptoms.  I’ve had clients who have taken their full dosage of antibiotics for an illness only to get the illness again a couple days later, call me and get a Raindrop and feel even better than before.

ImageI’ve use Raindrop like psychotherapy on myself and found breakthrough after breakthrough.  Something about clearing the toxins from your bodies tissues, and nourishing lethargic cells and organs causes emotional and mental breakthrough!  I love this stuff!

The Raindrop uses a series of seven single oils like basil, oregano, and peppermint, and two oil blends, first on the feet along the reflexology points for the spine, then directly on the spine.  It has been said that the spine contains the life force of the body, and it does hold every nerve that transmits information to EVERY organ in your body…including your heart!!  It is a superhighway of information for your body.  A great reason to take good care of your spine and why these therapeutic grade, electromagnetic essential oils are applied to the spine.  These oils in combination with Vita-flex a therapy that uses piezoelectricity (pressure induced electricity) to support sluggish or exhausted body systems is a holistic, natural, and powerful gift.  The ancient Indian ritual used in the Raindrop is implemented in the way the oils are applied to the spine.  It’s called feathering. (LOL, bet you could have guessed:  feathers and Indians! Please don’t be offended my Native American friends I mean you no harm.)  The feathering technique is done with the backs of the hands using the fingernails to create a nice sensation along the spine.

ImageIn the hands of gifted therapists a Raindrop can help you through some of life’s biggest struggles elegantly, like divorce, or even death of a loved one.  There is no limit to how this therapy can support your health journey.

The information here is only for educational purpose and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

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