Truly healthy from top to bottom and inside out

The Squeeze

It’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude and thoughts when life is uncomfortable.  I’ve found that it is powerful for me to give gratitude for what is happening.  Yes, exactly what is happening: pain, desperation, hate, etc.  Here is why:  in some way if I’m willing to honor myself and let go of negative life patterns and feelings I know the discomfort is squeezing me to greater enlightenment and enjoyment!  So in the dark times I know that my willingness to be grateful and to move in the direction I’m guided to take.  The squeezing creates action.  Now, most of us are inclined to run in horror from discomfort, but hopefully through gratitude and divinely guided action you will find unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace, and the greatest of intangible treasures!  Don’t be afraid of tragedy.  This might sound heartless, but most of us over dramatize our own suffering making it impossible to deal with.  Instead, give yourself space and time to grieve all the while being grateful for it’s work in your life.  Be grateful for these motivational squeezes, we need both enjoyment and the squeeze to keep us going and growing!!

Gratefully, Hannah


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