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I’d like to qualify all the benefits essential oils and nutritional supplements by first saying that I’m referring to Young Living Therapeutic grade quality oils. Young Living Essential Oils



Let me explain why. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a purist about this stuff, but if misunderstood could cause more damage or pain.  While you absolutely can get many benefits from store bought and online nutritional supplement markets many of these are synthetically manufactured.  You might say, “So what, they are so much more accessible and cheaper.”

That may be true but let me explain why.   What does “synthetic” means.  Synthetic anything means that it is not naturally derived. It may not have ever been part of a plant or natural element at all.  It was arranged by chemical compounds in a lab where goggles, and booties were used.


An example of this is methyl salicylate (pain relief and muscle relaxant) naturally found in Wintergreen and Birch, but synthetically manufactured and used in aspirin.  Wintergreen and Birch are balanced and cannot over-ride the systems of your body, but aspirin can.  Yes, science has created completely pseudo elements to mimic nutrition without rain, seeds, sunshine, dirt, or plants!


Because these chemical compounds are whipped up in a lab they can sometimes make the smell of certain elements even more pungent, and sweeter, but the main purpose to produce a synthetic product is to insure that it is the same everyday and in every factory…all the time!  It’s called, “pharmacological purity.”  Every batch is exactly the same as the last and the next.

Nature is unaware of how McDonald’s needs a hamburger that tastes the same in New York as it does in San Antonio.  Nature never has the same conditions (soil, rain, climate, or minerals) from year to year even in the same location.  Nature’s verity of these elements make them hard to market, but makes me perfect for infections and fighting pathogens.  For the past few years their has been a scare that our antibiotics won’t work on the intelligent evolving bacterias were are fighting.  So the consistency of synthetic compounds is it’s weakness.  The ever changing elements of the oils extracted from organic plants will be agelessly beneficial.


One reason why essential oils and synthetic nutrients are cheaper is that companies cut cost and save money by mixing these synthetic compounds with carrier elements that are more chemicals and harmful in large amounts.

Another question you might have is why these quality oils aren’t sold in stores.  All food and products sold in stores must be approved through food and drug guidelines. Companies like Young Living realize that some of the guidelines to get these approvals would compromise the products therapeutic qualities.  Processes like pasteurizing and homogenizing natural elements causes them to lose their medicinal qualities.  Also having the approval of the patented word “Organic” carries a whole list of how a nutrients must be treated and sold, just like having the approval of food administrations and stores would require the compromising of the pure product…to be “safe” or “organic”.  Let me clarify with an example: Raw milk is a healing whole food, but after pasteurization which makes it available to the public it can cause some allergies, and sinus congestion.  The Whole Raw milk CAN’T be sold because of bacteria…good and bad, but by destroying some of these elements it becomes a subtle mucus making contestant instead of a super food.  All that to say, FDA approval and “Organic” certification are “safety” precautions that unintentionally remove the therapeutic qualities of food products. 


Honestly, you have nothing to worry about  if you are using these synthetic compounds (essential oils bought from stores) as a candle or air deodorizer because if you live in a city with smog, drink tap water, alcohol, smoke, and sip soda pop you are getting way more toxic chemicals from just these. LOL  But here is the game changer, when you start applying this oils to your skin (the largest organ of the body) you are introducing a whole new set of variables and toxins.  My main reason for this post is to be sure you are not harming yourself further with some nutritional knock-off.  When I talk about the benefits of essential oils I am NOT referring to these!!  Why?


For example, lavender from the plant is great for burns (kitchen, sun, and chemical).  BUT synthetic lavender and the carrier oils in it can cause further skin pain and damage when referring to burns.  And while wintergreen and birch can be used for headaches, muscle tension, and blood pressure, some people are allergic to the synthetic form of these properties in aspirin.

Writing a post like this is not very fun, however this information is very important and is intended to keep you from misusing oils or misunderstanding the power of them.

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