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A few year ago while going through a very stressful time in my life I discovered my fetish for Lavender.  At the time I only knew that it was an beautiful herb and was used for relaxation, was found in alot of baby products, and smelled nice.  That’s all.  I liked the smell.  I didn’t think about why I liked it, I didn’t know why I wanted it all over my house all the time, but that’s how it was.  Years later I’m studying Essential oils and their therapeutic and medicinal uses and I am finding a new level of pure love!



As I’ve studied it deeper I’ve found that Lavender is great for stress.  Lavender has an energetic frequency of 118mhz!  So when you are feeling down, overwhelmed, or paralyzed in fear or confusion a drop of Lavender can do more than a best friend.  Just the vibrational energy of this oil can give clarity, calmness, and focus!  Wow, after I found that  I was shock that that was just the tip of the iceberg!

I’d like to qualify all the benefits of Lavender by first saying that I’m referring to Young Living Therapeutic grade quality oils.  Why?  Because synthetically derived Lavender (like in baby lotions) can cause more damage then benefits when applied the ways that I’m going to brag about Lavender extracted from the Lavender plant!  If you are curious as to the difference click here.  (Synthetic nutrients)

Having said that let me continue my rave!

Lavender is intelligent.  While Lavender calms us down, if you are sleepy Lavender can naturally and gently perk you up, too.  It is not as much a calmer as a Balancer!  So, next time you are keyed-up or exhausted try a couple drops of pure lavender on your feet and then take a deep breath with your hands cupped over your nose and mouth.  Also, rubbing it on your temples and forehead can help with a stress headache, and for an added boost take a very small amount of peppermint and layer it over the lavender!  You are going to be so refreshed.  Breathing in the peppermint is such a rush!


Lavender is the skin’s best friend.  All kinds of skin issues are resolved with Lavender.  I’d like to throw in here that Lavender doesn’t mask the skin issue, but addresses the concern.  What am I saying?  While a pharmaceutical cream will take the itch away, or cause relief let me explain how this works.  Over-the-counter treatments work by over-riding our bodies natural process of cleansing, and healing. Phamaceuticals send chemical information to our body to stop certain functions (itching, inflammation) regardless of why these reactions started.  It’s like putting duck tape over the gas gauge in our car when it reads empty.  Like covering the communication gauges and meters will make the problem go away.  YIKES!   However, Lavender and other natural ingredients work with the body to support it’s functions, by giving it strength and balance to heal itself…the way it was intended to.  Just like lavender is known to calm down the body for sleep it also calms the systems of the body.  The body tends to go into panic mode to fight a pathogen and lavender can calm the body by supporting it to cleans and heal.  So use Lavender on diaper rash, Eczema, stretch marks, skin ulcers, wrinkles, and cradle cap…to name a few!


Lavender is antiseptic!  Yes, with pure lavender you can sterilize bathroom counter, toilet seats, and even boo boos.  (Here is another example of how a synthetic lavender would actually be very harmful.)  Lavender can also help stop bleeding when applied to the wound or taken internally for things like excessive menstrual bleeding.  FYI lavender is not tasty and is weird to burp, but sometime it’s profoundly helpful when ingested (usually in a capsule).

I could go on and on about Lavender: dreaming, seasonal allergies, emotional trauma, epilepsy, and headaches all benefit from the application of Lavender!

Essential oils consultant and distributor
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