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Color and a Fruit

Orange…what else is it?
I’m glad you asked because some of the components of the orange are quite intense.  I’m going to narrow the subject down to just the benefits of the cold pressed essential oils of the orange peel!  Yes, just the EO of the peel.

images-2 Orange Essential Oil is anti-tumoral, relaxant, anticoagulant, circulatory stimulant, diarrhetic, aphrodisiac, tonic, sedative, carminative, antiseptic, and cholagogue.

Orange is a scent and a yummy flavor:
The brilliant scent of Orange makes things “feel” clean and fresh.  Whether or not they are clean and fresh it “feels” this way.  I’m pointing your attention to the “feeling” part of this this oil, because studies have shown that it also reduces depression and elevates mood.  Diffusing Orange EO into the air pulls down dust particles floating in the air and raises negative ion which are found in nature near bodies of water.  Negative ions are grounding and off set the positive ions we get from cell phones, computers, vacuum cleaners, and radiation.  Now that you know it’s scent is helpful for your mood it may also be nice to know that it is antiseptic, too!  When using it to clean it not only feels clean…it is clean!  And if you are into cleaning “green” start with orange!  Orange EO is also affective in cleaning cuts and abrasions of the skin inhibiting microbial growth, fungal infections, and tetanus germs.

As a flavor orange oil can be used in chocolate, biscuits, confections, and drinks!  A drop of orange oil in your purified water is delicious with tons of benefits (do not ingest EO that have a warning label: for external use only!!). I enjoy a drop in my hot cocoa and when I’m making stir fry.  Note that EO are very concentrated and too much in cooking can over power a dish very easily.  When adding orange oil to a fresh salad I’d rub the oil on the sides of the salad bowl before tossing instead of adding it to the dressing.  Also, a spray bottle with purified water, honey or agave and orange oil to spritz your salad is very nice… and may put the kids in a better “mood” to eat salad (wink).

FYI: I’d also like to add a note here that EO (essential oils) can break down paint, glues, and plastics.  Which is useful to know, however a plastic water bottle with a drop of EO can breakdown the bottle into the water you are drinking…not good!  It’s best to use a glass water bottle or cup.  Also be aware of the oils on your hands before they are completely absorbed as touching your phone screen, or TV remote with wet oils could leave a permanent finger print.  They also gently remove finger nail polish over time!

Power of Orange: Limonene
The most amazing property of the Orange EO is that it contains a large amount of Limonene which extensive studies have shown combat tumor growth.  Orange oil has been used to combat cancer and there are websites showing the type of regimen of Orange EO to use.  The amount of Orange EO used when working with this type of healing is about 15ml (one bottle) in specific doses each day.  I point this out not as a recipe for how to use the oil but to compare the price of a bottle of Orange oil from Young Living at $10.75 to that of surgery or chemical therapies.   The price can’t be beat!



Orange as a Natural healer:
As a Diuretic and Carminative Orange EO rids your body of excess gas, and toxins.  It promotes urination, and contributes towards losing fats which makes it good for the heart and weight loss as well.  As you can see this is also great in relieving stomach pain by relaxing muscles and allowing gases to escape.

VIDEO (Orange EO link)

As a Cholagogue Orange EO aids the endocrine systems.  The glands of the body are small organs that with stress get over worked.  Thyroid, adrenals, Lymph nodes, testicles, ovaries, liver, and pancreas are organs that benefit from orange oil to name a few.  Frequent use of Orange EO promotes menstruation, lactation, digestive juices, bile, hormones, fluid around joints and enzymes.
Orange oils is also an aphrodisiac helping with erectile disfunction, libido, and impotence.

Another thing to note about Orange oil is that is causes photo-sensitivity.  Therefore avoid applying it to your skin within 24 hours of excess sunlight or UV light such as going to the beach or tanning bed.

So to finish answering the question “what else is Orange?”  It’s a best friend!


Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments!  I’d love to hear your feedback.
Blessings, Hannah

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